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Hi, I’m Marty, a wedding photographer from Donegal, one the coolest places on our planet according to National Geographic.

I’m married to Diane, who I first met at secondary school back in the 90s, and we’ve three of the coolest sons any parent could ask for. Being from Donegal, I have some of the most stunning locations on my doorstep and hill walking is a big passion of mine. I get to explore them on a weekly basis with the other member of the Crawford Clann (and Mac the dog!), which gives me the best opportunity to find some real amazing backdrops for my photo shoots.


Photography is something I was destined to do as I have the best of memories of us growing up and watching clips on my parents’ cine camera, or spending hours looking through their collection of old school, sticky paper covered photo albums of me and my family as kids enjoying our early years. This is the main reason I believe anyone who clicks the button on a camera is capturing a moment in time, and I want to be the person associated with clicking the button and capturing memories that your family will cherish long after we’re gone.


Five things about me

  1. I broke my first camera in a skiing accident in Cyprus in the 90s.

  2. I captured a gun battle on video in the Middle East.

  3. Home videos I made of my son were given a weekly slot on TV3.

  4. As part of a documentary team from the University of Ulster, after recording an interview on top of a mountain in the Scottish Outer Hebrides in the middle of winter, I swam in the coldest mountain lake I’ve ever experienced 

  5. I was Little Lord Mayor of Lifford!

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